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Loyalty and Rewards Program

Aspirational rewards through experiential programs.

You know your customers value and are loyal to experiences, not things.  By understanding your customer profiles, you can serve up simple to use rewards programs that incentivize the experiences you know each customer loves.  From digitally managed repeat visitor cards to gamified rewards challenges, you make the games, and let your visitors play.

Real world example:

You manage a series of escape rooms, with each location offering multiple “room themes” for visitors to choose from.  From onsite data, our platform knows the rooms each of your visitors has yet to complete, as well as who they tried to escape with.  Easily set up an automatic rewards Email campaign to begin 1 months after the group’s visit. The rewards program sends the group’s last escape photo to the group via email, along with the rooms they have yet to survive.  If they book again together, they receive 20% off for each room the group has escaped!

Bonus: Our data analysis shows that 28% of your visiting groups are work related team building outings.  Easily send out a reward offer via email to those work related profile groups that allows the group to challenge a rival department or client to beat their time in the escape room, referral code included!


Do you use your venue’s software and think “this just isn’t right”? Do you lay awake at night dreaming up ways to improve your operations and visitor experience?

If so, let’s talk.

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