Selfie Playground

Using one off games and content capture booths to create unique interactive content


Whether it’s an exciting pop-up or permanent installation you can build your very own Selfie Playground by combining our one-off games and capture booths, you can turn your space into a fully immersive and exciting experience centre. By simply registering once your guests can then use their face as ID to gain access across the Selfie Playground. Your guests can travel between experiences as many times as they like capturing selfies and topping leader boards whilst receiving all of their content directly through their phone, that can be rounded up in a unique 2 minute shareable clip!

Build a Selfie Playground to fully immerse your guests in an interactive zone filled with interactive digital experiences


The brands We Are Interact and EventsTag are officially merging under the brand Xi.

Our in-house technology platform and team all remain the same and we look forward to creating more world-class interactive experiences with you.