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Cashless Payments

Customers connect card to RFID wristband

Integrate with POS

PCI compliant systems

Interact Application Compatible

3rd Party API Integrations

Frictionless credit card payments - verified by the tap of an RFID wristband.

Instantly increase your spend per head by making any purchase only a tap away.

So - how does it work?

  1. Visitors connect their credit card to a branded RFID wristband upon entry.  
  2. Visitors simply tap their band on merchant readers as they checkout.  
  3. Payment capture and purchase data is instantly synced to your P.O.S.

*All systems are PCI compliant.


Do you use your venue’s software and think “this just isn’t right”? Do you lay awake at night dreaming up ways to improve your operations and visitor experience?

If so, let’s talk.

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